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Martial Arts Benefits For Children 

Learn Self Discipline

Little Dragons (Ages 3-7)

Gain Confidence

Kids & Teens (Ages 8-13)

At United Studios of Self Defense, we work hard to make your child’s first experience with the Martial Arts a safe and productive one. Young people must have personal goals and a caring support system to make their dreams a reality. We will help your child become a strong and productive member of society armed with character, strong self-discipline and a healthy self-image.  Our Martial Arts Children's Program is a detailed curriculum that focuses on improving your basic Life Skills.  For children, these skills will help them enter society with a more confident and enthusiastic.  Some of the Life Skills your child will develop from participating in our Martial Arts Children's Program are:

FOCUS –  This Life Skill will help your child improve his/her listening and reaction skills.  They will become more attentive in the classroom and at home.  Your child will also become a better listener and a more focused student in school.

TEAMWORK –  Teamwork is necessary for any child to develop.  The more your child is willing to work with others, the more he or she will accomplish.  Your child will develop character, which will help them to make new friends and become a better leader in life.  Students will develop an understanding of United Studios PB motto, “Be a good follower, but become a great leader.”

CONTROL –  Having good control means making good decisions.  Whether your child is handling a pet or handling a problem, they will learn to make the right decisions.  Control builds confidence.  Controlling one’s mind and emotions is the key to controlling all situations in one’s life.

DISCIPLINE –  Our Instructors use different drills to help create the vision that discipline is fun and rewarding.  Your child will take pride in doing the right thing.  Your child will also learn to follow directions better.


CONFIDENCE –  As your child develops through our Program, they will become more confident in themselves and their abilities.  Our Program challenges your child to achieve new heights.  In doing so, your child develops a new and greater confidence in themselves.  Students will learn how to deal with different emotions, such as fear, pain, anger, and self-doubt.

The success stories about children in our Karate programs are almost countless.  Every single child that participates and learns from our hands-on approach to Kempo Karate benefits and becomes a stronger, more disciplined and focused person.

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