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At United Studios of Self Defense we teach Shaolin Chuan Fa, also know as “Shaolin Kempo.”  Our style is over 2000 years old and comes from China and Japan.  This Martial Art is a combination of  Karate (Linear), Kung-Fu (Circular), and Jiu-Jitsu (grappling, take downs and lock ups).  Shoalin Kempo has the greatest variety of Martial Arts.  Students learn to use both their hands and feet to defend themselves.  Students can learn to use Martial Arts weapons once they have reached an advanced level.

There are two elements to our program:

1. PRIVATE LESSON – Students receive one Private lesson with an instructor every week.  During private lessons, students will focus on learning the material required for promotion to their next rank or receiving help in areas they may find difficult.  Each class is tailored to the student's needs, which allows for more growth. Student's may be partnered up during private lessons to allow for more advance applications of their techniques. 

2. GROUP LESSONS – Students may attend as many Group lessons as they like every week.  During the group lessons, students will receive an excellent physical workout.  They will also have the opportunity to practice their new material with other students in a safe, supervised setting.  Teamwork is emphasized.



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